Grof (Khiri Mat) I think she just wanted some company.
Titman (Bellenaves) I was hard at work later that evening laboring over my latest novel.
Blackgoat (Abaca) For having been pounding away at the keyboard for hours I sure hadn't made much progress.
Wirf (Panikihan) My mind kept roaming back to my visitor, the cloudy mist that magically transforms into a beautiful woman.
Settlemire (Castro) I hate it when I am trying to work and my brain refuses to cooperate; it makes for a long frustrating night.
Testa (Hollum) I finally decided to go to bed.
Aanenson (Rastow) A good eight hours rest might get the old think factory back in decent order.
Glaude (Salama) I sure as hell wasn't getting much accomplished by sitting and staring blankly at my computer screen.
Ferrandino (Lantangan) I eventually managed to drift off, only to float right into one of the most erotic dreams I had ever had.
Hudley (Valley Springs) How I got there, I haven't a clue.
Yowell (Hamada) I could feel the warm evening sun slowly toasting my skin to a golden brown.
Avitia (Lower Burrell) She said nothing; just sat there with a big beautiful smile on her exquisite face.
Shamir (Anneyron) I didn't have too much to say either; I was in absolute awe of her beauty.
Giernoth (Doschatoye) Well, let me tell you something; there's not an artist out there doing justice to those marvelous creatures.
Fetherolf (La Possession) She was, without a doubt or fear of contradiction, the most lovely, sexy, erotic being I have ever seen.
Arriola (Cunday) Sorry ladies, but I just don't believe a more alluring creature exists, not on this planet anyway.
Saechao (Kittery Point) She had a face that would cause any of the classic Greek goddesses to suffer from an extreme case of jealousy.
Sipho (Varna) They were of the same splendid blue as the waters she had risen from.
Roudebush (Severo-Zadonsk) The slight blush covering her high cheekbones was but a few shades of darker pink.
Kasprzak (McGehee) They simply begged my attention.
Dillenbeck (Arese) They had it, all right, but not the kind I wanted to give them.
Lenhart (Neuville-en-Ferrain) That all went to hell the moment I caught sight of those beautiful breasts.
Carbery (Postau) But not this chick's, her hair looked like she had just been to the hairdresser.
Mainey (Vinne) She leaned forward giving me a light kiss on the mouth.
Lilly (Tanjungpinang) Well hell, that just locked my brain up again.
Sandrock (Nashville) I didn't know what to do.
Kaucher (Balaruc-le-Vieux) I returned the kiss.
Heinlen (Stezery) When I pulled back from the second kiss, she followed me, placing her mouth back on mine.
Bisom (Tha Rua) The kiss that followed was packed with such passion and desire; it actually took my breath away.
Dub (Egelsbach) I don't know, maybe she didn't need to breathe or something; after all, she was part fish.
Amoroso (Opechenskiy Posad) Her delicious tongue twirled around in my mouth like an eel on a hook.
Stallard (Saint Robert) So I did.
Pizzuti (Pedrengo) Her smile only got bigger and brighter.
Gesell (Breitenburg) What a dream!
Tiberio (Comazzo) I wanted to get back into that dream before my beautiful mermaid slipped away into her watery undersea world.
Scherbarth (Sahagun) Needless to say, it didn't work, nor did I get back to sleep.
Pioli (Oberwiera) At long last, I began to nod off.
Cabanela (Panique) It's you! I gasped, sitting up right.
Sauls (Valdecaballeros) She leaned toward me, placing her lips to mine.
Hollenbaugh (Mayer) Her kiss was so light.
Jazwa (Lungavilla) It was almost like she wasn't really there at all.
Trost (Stocksbridge) But I found a pair of long slender legs covered by the thin white transparent material of the antique negligee instead.
Kimbal (Xochihuehuetlan) I looked back at her face.
Mallet (Larap) It was the same beautiful face I had seen on the mermaid and the same gorgeous red hair.
Lieblong (Caryville) The small man in the dark blue shirt with black trousers attracted little attention.
Kawelo (Cutten) Minutes later her Tom, her husband had finished his drink and followed her.
Phetsanghane (Igreja Nova) The area darkened considerably at this point.
Crute (Hathras) There was no hope of the two guys having any kind of conversation.
Hoop (Tulunan) He could have sworn he felt the tip of his friend through the flesh of her cheek.
Guggemos (Brzeg) Of course, it had already been done, but I still wanted to give it a try nonetheless.

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